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Equal parts chic, casual, smart, funny, confident and independent, Willa is basically everything we look for in a friend. This girl knows what’s up. I know I’m pumping her tires, but the truth is the truth. I love her guts… and not just because she sometimes reminds me of myself. Willa is a wonderful friend and the epitome of cool. At the end of the day she’s not afraid to just be Willa, and I love that." KATIE CASSIDY

Anonymous asked: Black Widow or Black Canary

Love Dinah Laurel Lance the Black Canary.

why don't you like "the original team arrow"?




Hey nonnie this is such a weird question since I haven’t actually expressed that opinion in awhile, but okay, pop quiz time. Who do you consider Original Team Arrow?

If you answered Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver, I’m sorry, not my original definition of team arrow. No points for you in this imaginary pop quiz which doesn’t actually matter. 

Now, what would I take? Laurel and Oliver.

Laurel was the first person to believe that the Hood/Vigilante/Arrow was good. She was the first person he ever went to when he needed help. He knew that she would help him. Laurel trusted him so much, she helped a seemingly complete stranger and let a complete stranger in on her cases. These two definitely felt a connection with each other as the Vigilante and Laurel. They were definitely a team. Even when their morals made them wrestle with whether they should want that.

This happened for a good half of the first season, let me remind you, with intermittent shots starting at episode three of Felicity being mainly exposition and moving the plot along with info dumps because that is what her character is primarily designed to do. Look up the information and deliver to the character and the audience.

Now, so far there have been five iterations iterations of Team Arrow and occasionally they have overlapped. Team two was Helena and Oliver, they went out as a team. They did missions. It didn’t work out very well in the end, but they did try out as a time.

Team three, was Oliver and diggle. with the occasional help of exposition by Felicity again. 

Team four, allowed Felicity to come on. I am making a distinction because without the presence of Diggle, there would never have been any Felicity and Oliver went through a major change between letting Diggle in on the secret and being part of the team and letting felicity be part of the team. Felicity also came in with her own intentions. She came in not intending to be part of the team. She came in to find Walter, so for a large part of her season 1 arc, I do not consider her part of team Arrow, mainly because she didn’t see herself that way. She helped the team.

Team five  was the bringing in of Roy and Sara. They had a few more rounded skills that were helpful to the team and they saw themselves as part of the team even for how brief and sometimes how much they disagreed with Oliver. They didn’t have any deadlines about it.

Team six is going to be the introduction of the new characters to the cave in season 3. However, Laurel is OG Team Arrow. 

People treat Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity as “Original Team Arrow” and they use it to exclude, preclude, and demean people and not just the characters. It’s used to excuse awful behavior. Like Diggle’s weird hatred on Laurel. It’s also often times means THE ship and diggle. It’s used as a poor excuse by people to say how much Oliver is obviously in love with Felicity because “he couldn’t trust anyone else with his secret” which quite frankly is just not the case. When I think about Original Team Arrow, I think of the pettiness even the wording seems to imply. 

Basically, I disagree with a majority of the fandom about who original team arrow is and the ways that term should be used. 

Nina, you are my hero! This was a terrific response, which shows how problematic and unfounded this whole “original team Arrow” notion (or fetish) is and why it must be eradicated from fandom discussions. Thanks!

Mine too.

Team Arrow is load of fan wank to protect a ship, because they know what is coming their way. 

First off I love your blog. I also saw the post about Arrow vs AOS. I do think AOS is the more superior show than Arrow. I think it has better written characters and mains actually have storyline instead of being written as the love interest which I believe the Arrow female character suffer from. Also while AOS may have popular pairings I never got the feeling they were "fan pandering" to a vocal fanbase like Arrow does. Now I was an Arrow fan until the awful treatment Katie/Laurel received.


Thanks for the kind words! I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t watch AOS (yet), but my good cyberbuddy “theapplefour” has, and I believe her words that the AOS writers are more interested in telling a good story than pandering to the loudest shipper fanbase. I also agree with you about the treatment of Laurel/Katie, although it may not have been intentional. I admire her for being such a good sport and such a positive person, and for her decision to reach out to the fanbase with her Comic Con appearances. I’m sure she is doing it for the money/exposure as well, but I can’t help but think that she also want to show the fans her REAL personality, especially since she has been so maligned by the toxic part of the “Arrow” fandom. 

With AoS it’s not just the writing that differs its how they treat all of their cast, they seem to give all of them a ‘fair crack of the whip’ in promotions. Obviously they’re leads and supports but they don’t appear to support the cyber bullying that is so prevalent in the Arrow fandom. Nor do they implore TVD tactics. I prefer Arrow because of the comic book characters, but i prefer the ethics of AoS. IMHO Arrow producers and writers and promotion people could take not just a leaf out of AoS book, but several chapters. Arrow really needs to lift its game, but TBH from the season 3 promotions and tweets nothing will ever change. They will forever fan pander and fan wank, they lack the morale fortitude to do the right thing, and I think this could be even extend to some of the Arrow cast. 

Why they are giving Felicity so many love interests? I am very worried! Last time they did it it was for Laurel and didn't go well!




Smallville used to do the same thing with Lois before she and Clark got together (and from what I understand, Chloe in the earlier seasons) - every time there was a new guy on the show, he ended up dating Lois or stalking Lois and it annoyed me so much because really, writers? You can’t come up with any storylines involving women that don’t include them being love interests?

That being said, I’m not too worried about Felicity yet because the one guy is from her past and everyone has a past, I always love anything with Felicity and Barry and their adorableness so I’m good with that and then there’s Superman, which it’s too early to judge because we haven’t seen the context.

So yeah, I understand your apprehension, but I’m going to wait and see what happens.

Superman??? Will Felicity be dating Supes?? Have I missed something??

P.S. Great to see you talking about “Arrow” again! Keep up the good work…hint, hint…;-)

She means Brandon Routh aka Ray who played Superman once.

Seriously it sounds so bloody ridiculous all the love angles. I think when fans asked for character development the writers first thought was love interest. This character has gone from none to a few too many in one hit. Yep crap Arrow writing continues in season 3. If I was a die hard Felicity fan I would be worried, as they’ll make her like an angst female and Arrow fans don’t like that.  



So they’re not even being subtle about treating Laurel as a minor character now. Definitely not watching the next season. I might watch it again if she starts her Black Canary journey but from the promos that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Ted Grant is showing up….

I’m sorry but did I miss the memo where they changed the name of the show from Arrow to the Smoak Diaries? I mean seriously how much more can they release about Felicity storyline for season 3, I hope that its it, because if there is more then really when will they have time to provide the level of character development that is seriously needed for the super hero storylines of Arrow, Arsenal, Black Canary and Speedy. It’s like they have spoiled every little detail of FS and barely a mention of anyone else. I mean we know little of what is happening with Laurel and Thea, I only hope that we will get the stories that are needed - as I’m giving it about 5 episodes and then going to give it away. Am i sick of the crap writing and fan servicing this show is displaying recently.

Thank you Melrose Place series finale for giving us the endgame Ella wanted. You guys, if you haven’t seen this show yet, just give it a go. Katie shines in this role, like in no other, her character is fierce, funny, charismatic, and all kinds of awesome.

Totally agree! Ella is awesome.


All I could think about when I saw Olicity kiss was LAULICITY

Sorry, I’m not sorry :D

Absolutely! LOL

New Arrow Promo - who is Laurel beating up?




Could it be Martin Somers from 1x2?


Somers was on The List and also hired China White to try to murder Laurel because she was helping the daughter of a man that was killed as a result of Somers drug operation sue Somers for the wrongful death.

Interestingly enough, the new promo is from episode 3x1, which also introduces the real Count Vertigo, another drugs related character, to the Arrow universe.

It looks like him a lot, so yeah it could be him. If it is him, Laurel owes him a beating or two.

Interestingly because the episode takes another trip to the hospital, it looks like the Arrow friendly Doctor Lockhart (played by Richard Keats) will be seen again. I think we will see more of the Doctor in future episodes as the heroes get injured.

Green Arrow & Black Canary FanExpo Toronto 2014
Brilliant artwork from a comic book artist.
Source: (x)

Green Arrow & Black Canary FanExpo Toronto 2014

Brilliant artwork from a comic book artist.

Source: (x)


I’m sorry what’s Olicity??

Because the only things I saw are theeeeeese! :D

Arrow 3.01 The Calm - Laurel getting some answers

Laurel Lance is pissed and she’ll break this guys arm to get the information she needs I would say to save someone she cares about.

Arrow Promo 301 The Calm: Laurel Kicks Ass

Laurel Lance interrogates someone in hospital who is obviously withholding some valuable information that perhaps could save someones life. I would say this guy is working with the bad guys for this episode.

Someone recently tweeted:

Uh oh. Laurel is going to be pissed. That is not a good thing.

So I think this scene is after whatever the bad things that happen, so I would say something happens to someone she cares about, and prime suspects is Sara.


who is Laurel fighting in there?

I would say a bad guy who has got caught doing something bad.