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Katie Cassidy in The Scribbler (2014) (x)
OMG! He really is the Flash’ check it laureloliver is there a ship for this?

OMG! He really is the Flash’ check it laureloliver is there a ship for this?






(x) (btw I recommend…

Now I heard that Katie Cassidy was in a Perth bar with the other Con guests doing Karaoke and she was one of the best ones, that was from another actor at Supernova. So I hope she gets involved.

Roy and Sara got off on the wrong foot for awhile… (Sara) She returns… and something extremely terrible happens… it brings them together, more than it tears them apart.

— Colton Haynes

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Just had a thought, I wonder if Sin gets killed?


J.R. Ramirez joins the ‘Arrow’ cast as Ted Grant a.k.a 'Wildcat'
In Arrow, Grant will be a former boxer who now owns a gym for underprivileged youth. A man with a mysterious past, he will play a pivotal role in Laurel Lance’s arc this season.

To hot for words.

Roy and Sara got off on the wrong foot for awhile… (Sara) She returns… and something extremely terrible happens… it brings them together, more than it tears them apart.
Laurel plays a very pivotal part … she’s starting to meddle in everyone’s business … and using her brain to… using her brains to ahh.. to uncover even more secrets since the Arrow has started…. We basically compiled a list of people to basically take out… I think in the first episode… there’s not too many left, so we are going to see a lot of people come back from the DC Universe who have wronged Team Arrow. They are going to be the big bads.

Katie Cassidy with two different actors that play a super hero who has a thing for bows and arrows.

Jeremy Renner - Hawkeye [Avengers]

Stephen Amell - Green Arrow [Arrow]

Some Flash and Black Canary stuff especially for laureloliver




I love him so much I can’t help it…

Cute gif. And he is very dorkable.


- I want them to first meet in a way that has nothing to do with Oliver or Sara
- That’s it. That’s the list.

In all seriousness, that is the most important thing to me about this relationship. The Ted/Laurel relationship in the comics had nothing to do with Oliver and neither should this one, at least at the start.

I want Sara to have nothing to do with Ted because they’ve already given her all the external BC traits except for the real Canary Cry and Ted.

I want Laurel meeting Ted because he’s framed for the murder of his mentor, like he was in the comics. Or I want Ted, sticking up for one of the kids from his gym who is in trouble with the law, to approach Laurel. Or I want Laurel supporting the gym at a fundraiser because Sin has been hanging out there.

Now, I do have other wishes.

- I want Ted to retain his chauvinism from the comics, but not in a completely shitty way. It would be cool if he and Laurel were adversarial at first.

- I want Ted not to have a secret, villainous agenda. We did that with Blood already.

- I want very much for Oliver & Ted’s first meeting to be in a charity boxing match against each other. I want Ted to full-bore punch Oliver in the face and be like “sorry, it was a reflex.” I want Oliver to think it was because Laurel had told Ted about everything between them and I want Laurel to say, “Believe it or not, Oliver, there are things and people in my life that don’t boil down to you.”

- Last but not least, I want Ted to seriously train Laurel and mentor her in a way Oliver and Sara can’t. Ted will be able to see Laurel for who she is and who she wants to become, not for who she was. I think it’s important for Laurel to see that, too. After all…

"These things, they don’t break us. They make us who we are."

I totally agree with everything you have said. Top on my list is that Ted is there for Laurel and no one else, in the comics they had a very special relationship and they better get that right and not fuck it up. There should be no connection to Oliver or Sara, but I can imagine that he’ll get Felicity to do some spying on him and investigate his background. Oliver will tell Laurel what he has found out about Ted, but of course Laurel has got great intuition and has already found out about his past. 

I have an image in my head that Oliver has been arrogant, and Ted decks him in that fight. I really don’t want Oliver to be able to beat Ted, after all he his retired world class fighter, so sorry Oliver you are good - but you’re not in compared to others in the super hero business - hell I think Dinah is even better than you. But yeah, I love him to say oops, sorry about that I’ve forgotten how hard I can punch.

One scenario I thought how they may met is either one the following scenarios:

  1. As he has a mysterious past and recently retired perhaps she meets him in an A.A. meeting, but I hope not.
  2. The other is like how you say, one of the kids in gym faces court and Laurel is the D.A.prosecuting and he approaches her to keep the kid out of jail, so she agrees and recommends a probationary term.

I want to see a hand to hand fight training session, where he breaks the wall that Laurel has placed around her. I want him to show Laurel the Dinah Laurel Lance that she has buried deep inside of her. 

But mostly, I don’t want to wait for half a season or 2015 to see Ted, I want him early on in the season, we’ve waited for far to long for Wildcat.

Wildcat / Ted Grant & Black Canary Training

So I can see Ted interacting with Laurel such as:

  • mentoring
  • all forms of fight training
  • motorcycle lessons
  • Latin dance moves
  • hot romance.



J.R. Ramirez is Ted Grant AKA Wildcat

He’s not pretty, he’s hot. Like mega hot!

Ted Grant / Wildcat is ‘a former boxer who now runs a gym for underprivileged youth’ and will have a major role to play in Laurel Lance’s arc over the course of the season.

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