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Katie Cassidy On Season 3, That Death & A Black Canary Future

OMG! How excited is Katie on her Season 3 journey. Go Katie!

Yep It’s always like WOW!

ARROW | 3.03 Corto Maltese | Laurel Meets Ted Grant A.K.A. Wildcat

As a Black Canary fan I am pretty excited to see the introduction of Ted Grant / Wildcat into the ARROW season 3 storyline. So to celebrate here is as scene from when the first time Dinah Laurel Lance meets Wildcat in the comics.

Dinah is just a young girl compared to ARROW’s grown up version, but there will be lots of similarities that hark back to this time.

Anybody else excited?

Laurel & Oliver + parallels comics / Arrow


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@MzKatieCassidy No No No on the White Socks!!!

@MzKatieCassidy AHHH now that’s better.. #champagneshopping JB

Katie Cassidy describing trying the Canary mask on.

3.01 The Calm

3.02 Sara

3.02 Sara

3.02 Sara

3.02 Sara


katiecassidy : Boo. Love you. @meaganlande


katiecassidyBoo. Love you. @meaganlande


katiecassidy : My bitches… @Willaaaah @meaganlande #Love


katiecassidyMy bitches… @Willaaaah @meaganlande #Love

I'd like to think I'm actually a nice person in real life.” -Katie Cassidy.

GreenArrowTV visits the Arrow set.

@lordmesa:  @MzKatieCassidy looking forward 2 your transformation into #BlackCanary!! @ARROWwriters @ArrowProdOffice

@MzKatieCassidy looking forward 2 your transformation into #BlackCanary!! @ARROWwriters @ArrowProdOffice