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On the last season of Arrow, you finally got let in on the big secret.  How relieved are you to finally be included in Team Arrow, and does that make things feel different for Season 3?

CASSIDY:  Oh, absolutely!  It’s great to be a part of the A-story.  I love working on the show.  We have a wonderful crew and wonderful cast, and I just get to spend more time there and time with them.  It’s awesome.  I’m having a blast.  I think this season is going to be insane!  The fans are gonna love it.


EDIT NOTE: We hope so Katie, we certainly hope so.

I have a couple Sara questions for you! In your response to an ask you said: "Sara was the sister Oliver was actually interested in first, until Laurel mucked things up for her." Was that stated?? Or are you inferring from something Sara or Laurel said? Also, you said you now think Sara has a 70% chance of survival...what changed your mind?


Okay Arrow fandom. Correct me if I’m wrong BUT…Sara snuck out to a secret party at Tommy’s house because she knew Oliver would be there and had a crush on him (that Laurel knew about).  Laurel called the cops on the party and got Sara grounded. By the time Sara wasn’t grounded anymore, Laurel & Oliver had begun dating.

Am I right? I think I’m right. 

There was a spoiler released from Guggenheim that Oliver will have some new toys this year. Stephen was asked a two lies and a truth question and he listed : Roy will have the only new suit (lie), there will be a boxing glove arrow and not everyone will make it.

My initial thought was the truth was not everyone will make it and Sara would be the one that doesn’t. But given Guggenheim’s spoiler, I think the boxing glove arrow might be true, no matter how corny it sounds. I know it appears in the 2.5 comic but until I physically see Stephen Amell shoot the fucking thing I won’t believe Sara is safe. So I bumped up her survival rate to 70%.

You are wrong, so bloody wrong. Let’s just face the facts here for a moment, and not the retconned facts you have presented.

  • Firstly we have the version from Sara, who is a known cheater and liar. This is the person who lied to Oliver to get him to reveal where his friends where on the island - I could never imagine Laurel doing that or Oliver.
  • Sara has not only cheated with her sisters boyfriend, but with other girls boyfriends.
  • Sara has lied to her family to sneak off with Oliver, she even called her father clueless, showing how disrespectful she was at the time. Sara didn’t care about anyone but herself. The Sara that went on the boat with Oliver was an extremely selfish person..
  • If we are to believe what Sara said, which we only know one version of the story, and we know that is Sara’s version, Laurel’s version, and then there is is the truth. But anyway, Laurel didn’t call the cops - she told her Dad.
  • Sara was underage - and shouldn’t have been at the party, she had no right to be at the party, she even admitted she was going to sneak out. So perhaps, Laurel was simply protecting her sister as she was young by stopping her going to an party she wasn’t even invited to.
  • And let’s face it, by Oliver’s own words he had no idea of her feelings - until she probably made it clear of her intentions - like she has done previously. The reason why, he was with Laurel.
  • It has been established that Sara was a wayward youth, that her parents weren’t in control of her. 
  • Now we know Oliver and Laurel had been friends since about 14 years of age, so when they finally got together it would have been years of friendship and love (I’ve loved you half of my life), even blind Freddie would have been able to see that Oliver and Laurel were going to be getting together. Young Sara had the hots for her older sisters friend, so she wouldn’t even think to see if Laurel would have an issue of her seeing her best friend. Again, young Sara is selfish.
  • Now what is interesting is that Laurel had two best friends of Oliver and Tommy, but who were Sara’s friends? So I get the impression that she would have been hanging around like the annoying little sisters can do sometimes.

Now do we choose to believe a known cheater and liar, or someone who has ALWAYS done the right thing. I know who I believe, and here is a clue - it doesn’t start with S. 

So let’s face it you are wrong, and perhaps your motivations are coloured by hate.

And perhaps, we should look at the reason of the inclusion of the story, which was simply a plot device to create doubt in Oliver’s mind about his feelings for Laurel as they wanted to isolate Laurel, to continue the downward spiral she was on. So basically, it’s just a stupid little story from a young immature girl, who has been known liar and cheater. Oh, and let’s not forget the girl who told this story, lulled Oliver into a false sense of confidence of Sara, when only a short time later she snuck off again and was radioing Professor Ivo. Yep, Sara was such a trustworthy person that we should believe every word she uttered at that period in her life. And if you believe that, then I would like to advise you that you’ve inherited $10million dollars, but to claim that prize you need to send me a $10,000 as a finders fee first. Or could I interest you in…


Arrow characters + comic book counterparts

Great gifs, love it!


And here is a new digitalpaint inspired by Katie Cassidy's picture. (It was the only character of the arrow team that I had not drawn yet, repaired mistake!)

Nice work!


And here is a new digitalpaint inspired by Katie Cassidy's picture. (It was the only character of the arrow team that I had not drawn yet, repaired mistake!)

Nice work!


Arrow Season 3 CTV promo!

So a new promo for Season 3 has new scenes in it, well as interspersed scenes from Season 2. WTF?

You deserve someone better. 
Someone that can harness that light that’s still inside you.

Thanks for finding this for me. :)

Here you go @roses_peonies

There’s a comic-book movie opening tomorrow, but it’s not like any others that have come out this year.

Katie Cassidy,Arrow’s Laurel Lance, stretches her acting muscles and her body while shedding clothes to play Suki, a troubled girl with multiple personalities, including one who apparently leaves backwards-written messages on her skin and furniture. Using a new experimental technique, her doctors try to eliminate her extra selves from her head one by one - but what if Suki herself is one of the fake personalities?

Set in a surreal, colorful world where scribbles appear on the skin and colors shift like moods, this is a unique film with many modern scream queens like Sasha Grey, Eliza Dushku, Gina Gershon, Michelle Trachtenberg and Ashlynn Yennie. But the director can explain it better than I can…

LYT: So how many of the cast were the process of a whole bunch of meetings, and how many were first choice, right there?

JS: A lot of them were first choices, and so we got really lucky that way. There definitely were some times where there would be a certain person, and we’d go, like, “Oh, that’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure,” and then you’d have the meeting and meet with them, and get blown out of the water, and go “Oh my gosh, this is them!” I hadn’t seen that side of them, but then you meet them and see what they’re like, and if they can really do it. It might be different than what they’ve done before, content-wise, but that they were - I was really impressed with a lot of our cast - the understanding the material that they brought to it. It was really neat.

With Katie, there was a lot of character building that we did together, and a lot of it that she just did alone, where she researched it and really - she went to a mental institution and was watching people with dissociative identity disorder, and trying to identify the personalities. It was a much more involved process, so it was really cool from that aspect, to watch the work and sort of, in a lot of case, just sort of have to guide or encourage it, but they’re doing so much on their own.

Meet Katie Cassidy’s Suki in The Scribbler- out now on VOD

Meet Katie Cassidy’s Suki in The Scribbler- out now on VOD

20 Sept 2014 | Katie Cassidy & TomboyKC wrap their photoshoot with Danielle J Fowler ARROW make-up artist in Vancouver.

Help Needed 
Okay guys i am looking for the an Oliver & Laurel gifset that included the scene from episode 1.12 where Oliver and Laurel exchange flirty looks. I’ve looked but can’t find it. Can someone help out?

Help Needed

Okay guys i am looking for the an Oliver & Laurel gifset that included the scene from episode 1.12 where Oliver and Laurel exchange flirty looks. I’ve looked but can’t find it. Can someone help out?

20 Sept 2014 - Katie Cassidy with Arrow make-up artist Danielle J Fowler

Looks like Katie and TomboyKC are doing a secret project with Arrow’s make-up artist Danielle. I look forward to seeing the end result on TomboyKC.


Arrow | gifset requested by: theapplefour

The longing looks between Oliver & Laurel in Season One.


Arrow Meme - 3 otps [3/3] - Oliver and Laurel (before of course, Felicity came along)

Love this gifset of Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance.

How appropriate is this from Anna Gunn, a hated character from Breaking Bad that won several Emmys.

I'm a woman and I don't like Laurel Lance. I'm not going to go into a long post regarding my reasons because each person is entitled to their own opinion. I saw the post insinuating that the hate for Laurel is misogynistic. For some people, I'm sure it is. But please acknowledge that you can have valid reasons for not being a fan female character without the label of antifeminist or misogynistic. I'm finding it hard to find the right words, but I hope this makes sense.


I’m not really sure what you want me to tell you, anon.

I legit have no idea who you are, I know nothing about you, and I know nothing about your reasons for disliking Laurel.

What I DO know, is that the hatred for Laurel Lance started pretty much the second Felicity Smoak showed up on the show.

Why does that matter?

Well, it matters because the source of the hatred, where it all came from, regardless of who jumped on the bandwagon for whatever reasons afterwards, was ship related. People started hating Laurel once another viable option as Oliver’s love interest appeared on the scene. And I italicized that because it’s gross. It’s gross because the initial reason people started hating on a female character was because they saw her as nothing more than a love interest for the male protagonist, and when another love interest showed up, they could discard her. Both women were not important beyond their relevance to Oliver Queen’s dick.

Yes, we all fell in love with Felicity’s spark, with her babbling, with that chemistry. But that was after, and the speed with which people cast off Laurel Lance and interchanged her with Felicity was astounding. And from then on it didn’t matter what Laurel did. It didn’t matter because people thought if they ended up liking her, if they ended up being supportive of her, then their precious ship might never happen. How could Felicity and Oliver possibly end up together if Laurel wasn’t completely despised by everyone in the fandom?

I remember getting an anonymous ask from an olicity fan raging at me because I was trying to trend #olicitersforlaurel to show that we supported her, while still loving our own ship. She was angry, because how dare I speak for all oliciters - how could I possibly do this? Did I not understand that saying we like Laurel might end up hurting the chances for olicity?

What a fucking load of garbage.

So here’s what it boils down to.

You may not hate Laurel for misogynistic reasons, whatever. But you need to understand that the source of Laurel hate is steeped in misogyny and sexism. That is important. And I’m going to say something really controversial here and say that I believe that any hatred of Laurel, for whatever reason the fan who hates her gives as an excuse, at it’s core has at least a seed of that sexism that I am trying so hard to battle against. I don’t believe anyone who hates her has completely valid reasons.

Moreover, the issue of Laurel Lance has become so loaded, the hatred so common, that we need to fight extra hard to turn the tables, to call out the aggression and gross opinions every chance we get. We need to make it stop. We need to protect Laurel at all costs - and it IS a feminist issue now, because - and I’m going to quote jaegermighty here: when a character gets as much hate as Laurel does, everything means more.

So sorry. You’re not going to get absolution from me. If you were messaging me so that I would tell you, “Oh, well, you don’t hate her because of the things I am angry about, then you’re okay. You can go on hating her anon,” then you’re in for disappointment. Please, stop sending me asks like these - asks explaining why your hatred is okay, why you are one of the entitled few who can be allowed to hate her. I’ve gotten so many and I don’t want to hear about it. You want to hate Laurel Lance? Do it quietly. Because every time you talk about it, you make the problem worse. You convince yourself it’s okay, and you tell your followers it’s okay too. And their “reasons” won’t be as wholesome as you think yours are. 

I want anyone who hates Laurel to look very closely at the reasons why. Why do you hate her so much? When did you start hating her? What specific events made you hate her? Examine your reasons for feeling the way you do, and do it unflinchingly. I dare you.

You won’t like what you find. 

Standing ovation for that anon reply! Thank you for standing for a character that deserves so much. 

While the hate for Laurel grew, my love and support and intensified. The reasons that people have listed time and time again, clearly show under current mysgonisim, sexism, double standards, immaturity and a complete lack of empathy. I currently share with someone who has been abused, clinically depressed and who has tried to take her own life, so when I see dumb ass posts about Laurel I am freaking furious. The way she described her depression is a foggy hole that you can see no out of and no energy to fight it. So for Laurel to continue to fight for what was right in the middle of depression shows what a fighter and a truly strong woman she is.

You go girl and I will be standing right beside you all the way. Go Laurel!