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Laurel and Sara Lance - School Girls

In these images you can clearly see that Sara has a history of going after other girls boyfriends, even when she was in high school. Sara was constantly getting in trouble, and she chased after boys she shouldn’t go after. So seriously Sara has no scruples when it comes to going after other girls boyfriends. And here we have the trigger that inspires Laurel to become a lawyer, a defender of people who can’t help themselves. Sara has NOT changed one bit, she still acts like the silly young school girl with a crush on unattainable boys. She has definitely learnt nothing after 6 years, she is a selfish woman.

These scenes certainly indicate who will be the better Black Canary. I hope this shuts up the Sara fans who think that Laurel took Oliver from her. Sara is just plain delusional in her crush attraction.


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    I think this is why Laurel will eventually become the second Black canary…given that she goes through dramatic changes,...
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